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Not sure where to start or what to read? Here’s a random post from the past for your enjoyment.

    • The night my wife and I broke the bedThe night my wife and I broke the bed
      “Hey sexy, I need you to wake up and make me moan bad.” These were the words a woman spoke to me the other night that woke me from a …


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  1. Martini FaeFae

    My best friend (whose wife now barely tolerates me tho she & I were friends first!) and I have taken many cool road trips during our 35-year friendship, which developed as we discovered how much alike our seriously warped senses of humor were :)
    So several years ago we started carrying a notebook on our road trips (I’m talking 6-8-10 hr drives to wherever/whatever) in order to write down any true story from either of our pasts or any true story we experienced together that one or the other of us remembered, w/the intention that someday we’d publish a book of really true really funny horribly twisted humor etc stories. This made the long road trips whiz by because good stories worth telling w/all the necessary details, of course, are a great way to pass that kind of time :)
    Of course, by sharing we thought ‘book!’, I’m revealing my baby-boomer age status. This blog site reminds me of our stories! I love true hilarious tales!
    Thanks for the great entertainment, just got turned on to this site :)

  2. Jason Wolverton

    That’s actually a really good idea. I use my phone for that purpose, constantly stopping to take notes on anything funny that happens wherever I go in case I want to blog about it. Thanks for sharing and get to writing those stories!

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