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Four crazy things found at a Christmas party

After attending several family Christmas parties this year, I have noticed that at least one of these on this list happens at every party: The Sleepy Relative The minute they have finished eating their dinner, the Sleepy Relative almost immediately falls asleep. You can always tell which relative this is because halfway through the meal, more »

Jason Wolverton

Confessions of an Author

Yesterday I was invited to take part in an alumni author showcase at SVSU. It featured four real-life published authors and little ole blogger me. In fact, right after I was invited I thought there was at least a 75 percent chance that the people who sent the invite were just dicking with me. I’m more »


Disney Day 8: The Journey Home

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” Looking back days later, I can’t remember if I actually said it out loud or just thought it, but there’s no doubt that that was the exact sentence one way or another. That sentence was an instinctive response to my searched phrase, “How much to tip baggage handlers?” Actually, more »